fabrication des bijoux astreos

Diverse skills acquired through years of training and practice.

Behind Astreos jewelry lays the work of several people with complementary skills. Some creations need to be handmade.

Based on his knowledge of astrology and ancient esoteric tradition on one hand, and following his artistic path on the other hand, Éric Panichi sought to engrave magical signatures into more contemporary forms.

Heir to a 4 generation jewelry culture, he was asked by Olivier Thurner to draw the collection he had designed. With help from his wife, Danièle, he made it possible to create and present these unique pieces of jewelry to all.

Having 26 years of experience and practice in high-end jewelry, Georges Deuvletian gave shape to these pieces of jewelry by meticulously processing and shaping the gold as well as polishing and setting precious or semi-precious stones and all of this by hand.

Manufacturing with an attention to detail and volume

From their design to their completion, Astreos jewelry is made in the South of France by professionals who ensure ancestral methods and their own secrets are preserved. The making of Astreos jewelry is a process comprising of 22 finishing stages with an attention to detail and volume.

Astreos jewelry exists in the three colors of a single precious metal: white, yellow or rose gold. The precious and semi-precious stones decorating these pieces of jewelry are carefully chosen according to their quality, size and polishing, brightness and color. They are also selected for their harmonious quality with the stars. This is why, depending on the chosen planet, the suggested stones to decorate the jewelry will not be the same.

The box of Astreos jewelry is designed to reflect the perfection of the movement it holds inside. With the jewelry case, you will find a booklet presenting the chosen star and useful advice to foster your harmonization with it, if you wish to do so. Hidden in the Astreos jewelry box, you will find magical props to carefully put away your jewelry when you aren’t wearing it and it needs to realign with the Star it is connected to.