Mars is the star of Ares, shield of the gods. He rules Tuesday.

In olden times, Mars was summoned to prevail in battles.

In the neo-Platonic philosophical tradition, he is summoned to ease the heart of those who fight life, by bringing strength and courage.

He invites us to assert, defend and protect ourselves.

The talisman of Mars helps us to face challenges, to accomplish projects because this astrological image is linked to efficiency, boldness and dedication in work.

He will support those who try hard on a professional, training or performance level.

He is a builder. He cultivates the land and erects cities.

Mars is found on sports fields.

He helps with body control and awareness, as well as dexterity.

The dynamic form of Mars evokes a succession of constantly moving squares.

His strength goes hand in hand with his power of impact.

This jewelry can be personalized with a precious stone placed according to the position of Mars in the sky on the date of your birth.