Saturn is linked to far-sighted Kronos, ancestor of all living things and creator of time. He rules Saturday.

In ancient grimoires, the talismans of Saturn were made for the foundations and solidity of constructions, because this star supports/encourages/helps all efforts and hard work.

This means the achievement of long-term ambitions.

He will favor positions of responsibility and leadership.

Focused, Saturn applies to studies and research.

He looks for ancient and hidden things, including treasures and esoteric knowledge.

It is said that Saturn teaches wisdom, philosophy and caution.

He represents meditation, rest and detachment.

He doesn’t fear loneliness.

His promises are serious.

With him, commitments are kept, contracts are honored.

He is the master of time and calls us to accept this.

So he helpsconclude transitions, reach maturity, overcome phases of your life with patience and persistence.

As such, he protects the elderly as well as farmers and people of the land who live by the rhythm of the seasons.

With a trinity of circles of calculated proportion, the star of Saturn’s calming simplicity sets itself apart.

This jewelry can also be personalized with a precious stone placed according to the position of Saturn in the sky on the day of your birth.