Venus belongs to Aphrodite, the beautiful goddess with a gentle face, who protects lovers and reveals beauty. She rules Friday.

Magicians used the star of Venus to create spells and perform unions.

The good goddess eases heartaches as much as she sparks love by favoring bonds and alliances.

Friend of the soul, Venus invites us to take care of ourselves while reinforcing our self-esteem.

This star unlocks our sensitivity to art, music and the quality of life by refining our judgment.

Venus becomes guardian of our ethics, our tastes and our values.

An esthete, she sharpens our senses and above all our outlook to help us change the way we perceive love and beauty, as far as to help us recognize them in their most subtle manifestations.

Solicitous of our relationship with nature, she favors the respect of our balance and environment.

The star of Venus reproduces the pattern of her cyclic dance around the Sun.

Its charm results from her harmonious and rigorous form.

This jewelry can also be personalized with a precious stone placed according to the position of Venus in the sky on the day of your birth.