Mercury is the star of Hermes, messenger of the gods with a rainbow of words, master of language, protector of travelers and traders, father of true wisdom. He rules Wednesday.

In olden times, his talisman was used to favor trade and business, but also to secure travels and journeys.

With his intelligence and wisdom, Hermes illuminates the intuition within us.

He helps us sharpen our inner abilities and follow our intuition.

He helps studies, researches and learning endeavors reach a successful outcome.

Always there in times of trial, looking for solutions, Mercury is the messenger of our heart’s desires.

Because he possesses the magic wand of language, he helps us develop our relationships and improve our communication.

The star of Mercury, with its winding curves arranged in a precise way, unites the visible and the invisible.

This jewelry can also be personalized with a precious stone placed according to the position of Mercury in the sky on the day of your birth.