The Moon

The Moon reflects the multiple faces of the goddess, Hecate the magician and Artemis the virgin, guardian of the soul, women, mothers and children. She rules Monday.

In ancient grimoires, the Moon accompanies the peddlers, the sailors, the stallholders and the nomads.

She rules over tides as well as the liquid and fishing trade.

She bestows abundance and fertility because she rules growth.

Through her link with femininity, she helps us to protect our sensitivities and take care of our soul, while at the same time recognize our needs.

As a pool of world memory, she reveals the unconscious.

Weaver of intimate bonds, she brings mothers and children together and watches over families.

Sometimes close, a sign of popularity, she favors the artists;

Sometimes cold and distant, she is a shelter for temperamental people.

With simple interlacing circles, the star of the Moon connects you to the star of nights by the number nine of metamorphosis, according to studied proportions.

This jewelry can also be personalized with a precious stone placed according to the position of the Moon in the sky on the day of your birth.